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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Paying it forward a bit: a cute but semi-long story

Last Wed. I was doing a library run and noticed something new in our wonderful Island Savings Cultural Center.. PORTALS.  this is a wonderful showcase space for local artists and artisans and right now they are showing work by the people who do the volunteer work at Portals.

My guide that day was just lovely and she mentioned that the showing was from very experienced artists and the just getting started ones, who all volunteer there.  And then she showed me hers- an acrylic and a watercolor.  She is one of the "just getting" started artists and her landscape was beautiful and as she mentioned, she wasn't sure of the watercolor, would like to do more with the medium, but wasn't too sure about it.

Digressing for a moment... I had taken 2 full watercolor courses a number of years ago by a wonderful artist Jim Wispinski

and the initial reason was that dye and watercolours act and react in similar ways... well instead by the time I was finished, I was hooked on watercolours for watercolours sake (hence the 2 full courses!) and I had a great binder of examples to refer back to---- that I have indeed carted and stored for many years.  Finally deciding that the binder needed to go, it was sitting on the re-cycle waiting it's turn to be taken downstairs... I went to the Library and forgot the binder on the way out.

So flash back up to my Portals discovery- and I thought to myself, maybe those examples would be helpful to this lately blooming artist... I offered, she accepted and today I delivered!  And from the look on her face that I remembered and her practically devouring the binder pages and not looking up as she said "oh thank you!"  I walked away a VERY happy camper.... it felt so good to see that same look on someone else's face over the JOY OF WATERCOLOURS and feel that intense desire to LEARN through someone else intensity.  It was a VERY good moment and I just wanted to share it with you all.

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