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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Baby" naming contest... just for fun and silliness!

For the Baby Fair, I purchased a couple of baby dolls that I think are really quite cute and will work very well for display purposes at the show.... but right now they are simply known as Laughing Baby and Serious Baby... and really it would be much nicer for them to have real names... hence the Contest!!!   I've dressed them in our gender neutral dragonfly kimono sleepsacs, but really they could be either, one of each, two of the same.... and that's where you come in.  Please email me with your suggested names for each of them, and any "supporting" information for your choices that you want to share.  I will post the best of the entries- without any identification if you prefer, as well as the winning entry on Thursday afternoon.  A short but fun contest... and yes, there is a prize for the winner... A Change Pad set: includes Change Pad, Zippered Wet Bag and three matching double-sided wash cloths.  Details can be seen on the website:  Photos of the prize and the "babies" follow!

The Prize: Changing Pad Set, includes Changing Pad, Zipperd Wet Bag and 3 Matching double sided facecloths, a $44 value, and I'll sent it to the winner with free shipping included!

All zipped up....

What's inside!

All laid out for you to see....

The stars of this Contest.....currently known as Laughing and Serious Babies:

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