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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Color Sketches.. how motifs develop

Once the paper sketches have been done... and sometimes that can just be a single leaf or petal, a full scale stencil is designed and hand cut.  So the motif elements are formed.

Then we need to try out those elements in different combinations... ultimately resulting in a "motif" which is a group of elements that will be printed in a particular configuration for a variety of products.

Below are 9 motif options.  Once these are printed like this, it is easy to choose which motif would work best for different products because it is easy to see the full design, layout options and colorways.   These particular motif layouts will work really well for wet bags of different sizes, change pads, nursing covers and even blanket tops, larger pieces would have these in either random repeats or larger scale of the same motif.

In completed work, the birds are completed with eyes and beaks and flowers can have more defined centers... but we don't do that kind of detail in a sketch.

Group 1

Option 1

 Option 2

Option 3

Group 2

 Option 4

 Option 5

Option 6

Group 3

 Option 7

Option 8 

 Option 9

 Close up of Option 9 Hearts and Flowers

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