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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How I print my designs... just in case you would like to know!

Thought you might like to see what the process is, when I hand print my Botanical Bebe clothing and accessories as well as my Ecotexture home decor items......

It all starts with a Sketch-

And the "one" happens after 10 or 15 preliminary doodles, scribbles, almost sketches and just abouts......
Then the sketch is enlarged and I transfer it to a sheet of Mylar.  Then the fun begins with cutting and cutting and cutting out the stencil, detail by detail.

Colours chosen and mixed-

This is a fun photo of the thickened non-toxic! dyes I use.  But generally I don't tend to let them spill all over my design table.... but even dye pots apparently love a photo op!

Fabric and Stencil Meet-

Here is a flower stencil, ready to be printed.  The centers I did with a small brush, but the rest of the large stencil is printed using a very dense sponge roller.  This means that I have to really think about layout and colour sequences, as these rollers are quite expensive and it is a bit excessive to have one for each colour! So I have 1.

Stencil and Thickened Dye Meet-

Stencil Printed... and the red marks are on the stencil... not the fabric!

Flower Finished!!!

 And that's how it is done :)

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