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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday....What's happening in the Studio today?

A new design.... Branches and Berries!

This organic heavier flannel is warm, fuzzy (no pilling) and cozy on the inside with a denser weave on the outside that is perfect for printing on!

The Sweater Jacket is perfect for when Bebe needs more than a sweater but less than a jacket.... a mild Winter Westcoast stroll perhaps.... and Spring just about anywhere else... small Westcoast dig that :) but seriously these have so many "just right" times to be used, it really doesn't matter which part of the Continent you come from!

And I must admit that every time I make one of these little hats, I smile:

This little Sweater jacket and Hat Set is now posted on my Etsy store:

And this other set, will be done soon..... featuring Orange Berries this time!
The little hat is already done....

With the little Sweater jacket not far behind.... it looks like it jumped in front of the sewing machine in these anxious to be finished!

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