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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hummingbirds at last...

This little swaddling blanket didn't make it onto any of the websites, as it was part of a custom order I just did and that they finally received.... the postal strike, in Canada, certainly made for some interesting order fulfillment issues... boo!  And from what Jen said, she is very happy with her order for her "coming soon" bebe :) Below the hummingbird shots are a couple of the Bluebirds in a Sweetheart tress done in greens rather than blues as originally done.  I won't be doing anymore of this particular motif, but will have a slightly different version coming soon..... the photos are very light as both were printed on the Ultra-lightweight sheer muslin and I should have used a darker background for them... but hopefully you can still make out the details... the hummingbirds turned out really well and I am so pleased with the motif... just not thrilled with my abilities as a photographer!!

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