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Saturday, July 23, 2011

New one layer, lightweight crib blanket/sheet coming very soon....

This slight change in line-up is purely customer driven!  I have had so many requests and orders for very light blankets, for people who live in the hotter areas of North America, that I have added these to our blanket product line... to be on the websites soon.

Single layer muslin blankets and blankets from our new ultra-light sheer muslin (all organic of course) are perfect for just a little cover without adding any heat.... thank you all for your great suggestions and requests!  Anytime you want to add a suggestion, please, please let me know... I love feedback :)

An example:
The hummingbirds featured below and on a previous post are done on the ultra-light sheer muslin, 28" x 36" vs. the swaddling blanket size at 40"x40"

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