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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NEW!! Dual Function Nursing Cover System with Removable Cover and Adjustable Neckband. ....

Something totally new for Botanical Bebe!  This multi-functioning Nursing Cover idea was first proposed by the lovely people at Matraea Mercantile and it was a really good one... our biggest challenge in this whole enterprise was finding the right clips... and yup I ordered up 3 other kinds that I thought would work... but sadly just didn't hold up... ha ha!  And sometimes the tried and true are indeed that... some of you may recognize the clip style you see on children's overall and adult suspenders- just the smaller version of course... and boy do they ever work well.  I hope you like this idea too!

Details and how it all functions are posted on both the website and on Etsy:
The Nursing Cover System is $30 and the SOON to be added selection of Nursing Cover "refills" ! will be $20 ea.

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