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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Year's New Motifs and Products!

I am very pleased with the new Change Pad and Wet Bag Sets! I loved the first ones we did featuring just the stylized Botanical Bebe Leaves, but I thought they needed something extra... and now they have it!  These are the first group and I am very pleased with them...

The Change Pads have 3 Layers: Printed Organic Cotton Top, white PUL middle layer (see below for description of PUL) and cuddly soft natural flannelette for the "baby layer" At the end of these photos you will find a photo showing the three layers before they are sewn together....


So what is PUL?  Good question! and here is a short description of this pretty great fabric.....
PUL, (polyurethane laminated fabric),is a reliably waterproof fabric that is lightweight, stretchy and extremely durable. This is the fabric that is most often used as the outer layer on re-useable cloth diapers... in all those great colors!! 

This fabric is used in the medical field where a waterproof barrier is needed and can be autoclaved at the very high temperatures needed for sterilization,without adverse affects.

And this is what it all looks like inside the Change Pad and the Zip Bag:

For more details please check out either my Etsy Store in USD: or my website in CAD:

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