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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Botanical Bebe is supporting this cause....

In Chemainus (where my folks were from) they are having a Silent Auction in support of purchasing a NEW x-ray machine for the Urgent Care Facility there.  This was a cause Mom was particularly interested in and we, the family, had asked that donations be made to them in lieu of flowers.... and I am so pleased to say that many, many people did just that!  I am very pleased to be able to donate a gift certificate to their Silent Auction and it was a lot of fun putting the package together.  I went with a gift certificate rather than product, as it gives the successful bidder the option of choosing what kind of items they would like to have... for a little girl, boy or "we don't know yet!" and to use it themselves or to give it to someone special to use.  I will have product there so people can see and touch!  And this is what is going on display:

Kimono Sleepsac and Infant Hat

Lightweight (doublesided) Baby Blanket

Flannelette Receiving Blanket

I really wish them all the best and that the Auction is a very successful one!

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