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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Serious Re-organizing of the Studio!

For most of the weekend I cleared away the piles of "I will get to this later", by finally getting to them!! and in the process I have completely re-organized the studio so much more efficiently.... I can't believe I didn't think to make these changes sooner.  Everything I need has a place and when really working here today, I couldn't believe how wonderful it was to want something and it was THERE! Right where I wanted it to be..

Today I posted 2 new Flannelette Receiving Blankets, with a third all ready to go but just waiting for the Kimono Style Sleepsac!  and here they are.....


and this one is just waiting in the wings.....

this little pattern is the third one in the newest core patterns for Spring/Summer
Little Girl Babies:  Butterflies
Little Boy Babies: Snails, Dragonflies and Grasses (wait till you see the Kimono!)
"We don't know yet" Gender Neutral : Sparrows

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