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Friday, May 20, 2011

So what is happening in the studio these days?

As you can see from my postings here and on both the Botanicalbebe site and my Etsy store, I am spending more time on my studio work this week, which has been very helpful and soothing to my soul ! Add to that an order coming in from one of my most favourite customers, Jennifer at and it is starting to feel a little bit normal around here... which is just lovely.

The weather is starting to improve on the Island (that would be Vanouver Island on the westcoast of BC, Canada :) so even when I am working indoors, printing, printing, printing, it is just so energizing all this wonderful sunshine!

Another one of my customers, who was so understanding and kind, suggested that I create a design to honour my Mom, and once I quit crying... it was such a beautiful suggestion... I started to give this a lot of thought.  Where this thinking has brought me to is a combination of hummingbirds (for both my customer and Mom, as she really loved them too) and Cherry Blossom Branches... she was always amazed that I could create the branch motifs or Columbines which are so wonderfully diverse and a particular favourite of both hers and hummingbirds! This is a wonderfully calming design exercise and I will always be extremely grateful to my dear customer's kindnesses to a complete stranger and this heartfelt suggestion.

I will let you know when it is more on the drawing board than in my head, and will post the progress as the ideas unfold.

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