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Friday, October 28, 2011

We are now at the Matrea Merchantile Centre!

Check out these lovely photos that Gill, at Matrea Merchantile Centre, in beautiful downtown Duncan took today!  She did such a lovely job of the displays featuring Botanical Bebe and she did all this in very little time!!! I must say that the little dresses she added to the back wall are really precious... from a company called Silkberry Baby, done in the softest bamboo and the colours are luscious... if you are in Duncan you have to take the time to visit the boutique, it is part of the maternity centre, right beside the Red Balloon Toy Store! you can also check them out on facebook:

The motifs they chose were Snails and Dragonflies, Dragonflies and Grasses, Spray Flowers in yellow and Hummingbirds.  In each motif all the items (2 different types of double layer blankets, receiving blanket, swaddling blanket and kimono) were printed at the same time so the dye lots are the same for each piece in each series!  They are also featuring the new Wet Bag, Change Pad and Wipes sets, in the Botanical Bebe leaf pattern in both black and green. The wet bags are lined with a lovely soft green (celery) waterproof PUL material... this is the same material that is used on the outside of cloth diapers and is also the middle layer in the change pads.

The blankets have two different types of backing... one a light fleece and one a super cuddly luxury fleece... both have to be felt to be appreciated!!

Make the trip and enjoy their exceptional boutique!

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